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QUESTION: I purchased a mobile home 1983 without title in Oklahoma.  Is this legal?  The owners claim they did not recieve a title when they bought the home.  I am wanting to pay  off the trailer and now they claim they don't have a title and don't have to have one.

ANSWER: First, Kim, I want to apologize for not getting back much sooner (like I usually do), but we had an emergency here.

You should be aware, Kim, that mobile homes are treated much like automobiles and are licensed the same way. Mobile homes are not real estate unless it is sold as part of the land on which it is located. If it is in a mobile home park on a rental basis, it definitely is not real estate. So, I have this question for you: Would you be considered to be owning your car if you did not have your name on the registration?

So, now you know the answer to your question. You have a serious problem. But as long as you have the receipt from the seller saying you did purchase the mobile home, you should not have any problems. But I strongly recommend you take this matter to the DMV and ask them what you must do so that you can resell the mobile home. That's what I would do. I do wish you well.

Dick Dennis

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QUESTION: Thank you so much Mr. Dennis, I did contact them and OTC they told me to petition the court for the trailer as being a paralegal I have excellent paperwork and records kept, I guess my question would be, Do I ask for my money refunded, to purchase another home, (7000.00 invested cash in home) or do I let them keep money and just ask for bill of sale and me obtain title up to date and proper?  I have no problem petitioning the court, just don't know what i should ask for??????????????  I know I should not give them another dime as the trailer is still regestered in the original owners name and NOT the seller whom I paid........they have mis led me for almost three years now and in my heart ive known they were scamming me, the roof is falling in and needs to be replaced, the plumbing is not pex and was recalled twenty years ago and i have been dealing with all of this from the very beginning with no help from the seller except "give me more money"  and I'm a single female cancer patient recovered and they knew all of this........thank you so much for your help.........god bless  What do i ask for??????????????????????

Scammers don't care in what condition you are. If they see a chance to fraud someone they will do it. It's the money they got their eyes on and they will say ANYTHING that will make you give it to them. If it were me (it wouldn't have happened in the first place) I would take it to the state Attorney General or the local District Attorney. But you have to show you actually paid them money to be scammed. I just hope the statute of limitations doesn't take effect. If it is fraud, there is no statute of limitations. So, go in that direction. I do wish you well.

Dick Dennis

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