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Good day
I had the following questions if one wants to rent out ones town home without a licensed realtor.
1. What are resources, tools and sound do it yourself ways to conduct tenant screening and background checks on your own?
2. Can I list the property on the MLS myself if I am not a realtor?
3. Is there any detailed research (how to do) on how to screen tenants and what type(s) are the most likely to pay and not to pay as well as what types are most likely to take care of your property?
4. What are examples of clauses and strategies one can add to an agreement to get the tenant to have an interest in caring for the property?

Hi S. Mahabir,
1.  That depends on the state that you are in.  I don't know about Florida.  Also it is probably going to cost you to do screening and background checks.
2. No, only a real estate agent who belongs to the MLS can list on it.
3.  You can screen them but remember it is illegal to discriminate. There may be research on it but I don't have it. That's probably going to be proprietary for rental managers which is a realty specialty.  You don't have enough money to get me to do it.  If you have multiple properties I can see learning to do it yourself if that is pretty much going to be your business.
For one or two properties I doubt if it makes economic sense.
4. A big Security Deposit and a documented signed walk through on condition when you rent it with pictures on everything. Believe it or not, when I was renting, one of my requirements was the name, address, and telephone number of the lessees Mother and I checked her out and called her before renting.  That was my number one referral.

The difficulties in doing this yourself is why many folks prefer to leave it to the professionals. I hope this helps you.

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