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Our mortgage servicer was Greentree Mortgage Servicing. In December of 2012 we refinanced with Quicken Loans for 3.99% from 5.75%. My wife and I were very happy with this move as it was saving us over $400 per month on our payment. Also, we were very unhappy with Greentree as they regularly called starting the 2nd of the month and harass us for payment if it was not there precisely on the 1st. We were never late past the grace period. Our first payment to Quicken was due Feb. 1. We had a new loan and mortgage with them. I was about to send in our payment when I got a letter from Quicken stating thay had sold our loan to Greentee. We were not happy. But the real kicker is four days ago I got a letter from Greentree. They stated that they had made a mistake in the payoff amount of the original mortagage and the payoff amount sent to them by Quicken was $3000.00 short. They stated they had the right to collect this from my wife and I, and demanded we pay them by February 12. If it is not paid, they will charge us $40.00 per day interest and put a lien on our property. I called Quicken and apparently their research team on payoffs is looking into the matter. Two questions, 1. Can Greentree legally demand this money if they received the payoff money and closed the loan?It is almost two months later when the loan was closed.2. Should I get an attorney and have him invovled from the ground floor on this? I think I should because Greentree is a terrible company. What do you think?

on 2nd, they would call and rudely harass us for our payment. We were never late past the grace period. I was

vey happy with the process and the savings with our new interest rate. I rec

Yes, Jack. Just make sure it is a real estate attorney, one that specializes in real estate. Based on how you presented your case, Jack, I get the impression Greentree apparently made a mistake of some kind and they are trying to recover it by harassing you. I do wish you well.
Dick Dennis

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