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Dear Sue,

I feel so bad for my daughter. She was just notified that her buyer doesn't qualify for a second loan! She was assured he qualified after the sale fell out one time before this.
This second farce went so far that my daughter moved most everything out of her home into 3 storage units!
My husband and I helped her move bigger items out of her home 4 days ago!
We were all happy this was going to close by this Friday. As the sellers of the home she planned to move into had airline ticket
moved for another month to accommodate my daughter's set back! The seller's of her newly bought home are going though this as well.
My daughter's house is empty and my daughter is sleeping on an air mattress! And she sold her couches as well. The TV's are moved as well. It's a mess!

What would you do in this case? It's been a nightmare for my poor daughter.
Your advice would be highly appreciated.

         Best Regards, Diane

Hi Diane,

I am really sorry that your daughter is having such a hard time. Did her buyers remove all their contingencies?  If so, she can at least fight to keep their deposit.  Nothing is ever definite until the loan funds and escrow closes.  I think the only thing your daughter can do is get the house back on the market ASAP and try and get as strong a buyer as possible.  I know selling a home is very stressful but it sounds like even more so for your daughter.  Not sure I can offer much more than get it back into escrow as quickly as possible.
Sorry I can't be more helpful

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