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Hi Lizznar.  I am 32 year's old, disabled and have never owned a home before. I really would like to buy a home of my own and was wondering if there are any program's available to me that would be of benefit when it come's to purchasing a home.

Hi Kelie,
First I’d like to apologize for the delay in responding.  My email account has had problems for the last week, and I probably have a lot of people angry with me.  Technology is great when it works, and horrible when it does not.

If you are a veteran and disabled, you will not have to pay a funding fee.

If you are not a veteran, there are numerous home loan programs available for not only first-time homebuyers, but also for the disabled.

I would suggest you start by first doing a Google search (or any other of the popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and others).  

I did a Google search under “home loan programs for disabled”  and pulled up numerous links for these type programs.  Try

Here’s a government link on housing for people with disabilities:

Here’s a site about Fannie Mae loans for the disabled:

You may even be able to get a grant because of a disability.   Use the search engines to dig for information.

I do not personally  work with any of these programs right now, but as you can see, there is a wealth of information on the internet.  You can even refine your search to be state-specific for which state you live in.  Just be careful with any lender you might choose to work with and check them out.

In addition to searching for loans for the disabled, don’t forget to search for first-time homebuyer loan programs.

I hope the above is helpful and points you in a direction you may not have gone yet.

Good luck to you, and feel free to write again if you have additional questions.

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