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Hi, Jeff: I am selling my house by myself. A potential buyer called, saying she was ready to submit an offer. In addition, she would pay closing costs.  My questions are: 1. besides the cost of hiring an attorney, what other costs should normally be paid by a seller? 2. It is not so necessary for a seller to hire an attorney as a buyer, for the former has nothing to lose when he has received the funds. Is that correct? 3. What's the price range for hiring a real estate attorney?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Aaron
You will both have closing costs to pay at closing. For the Buyer they may have to pay a lot if they are getting a loan. Could be 3-6% depending on the lender. I would recommend you as the buyer to write up a specific amount in the offer.  Not sure how you closing cost will be in Georgia.
In Texas we use title co and they can give you an amount to expect for you to pay in closing.  We really don't use lawyers for our closings down here so I am not up on what a lawyer costs.
Here in Texas it costs about $275 to hire a title co. to do your closing.
Just wanted to try to answer the best that I could, but I would really talk with a lawyer or Title co from your State.
Good luck

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