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I have applied for a refinance through HARP.  I was told we would be closing about three weeks ago.   I called the banker and she said they were trying to figure out how to take care of my 19k second mortgage in this refi.  I said I don't have a second mortgage.  She said according to the title company I do with a bank in Rhode Island.  I live in Michigan.  I have never heard of this bank or signed any papers for a second mortgage.  I then researched and found this is the largest growing scam/crime in the US.  Anybody can add a second mortgage to your home, no social security number needed, etc.  So my question is, how do I get this fake bank off the title so I can get my refi done?   Or how do I get this taken care of quickly so I can get my refi?  Thank you for your help and time.

Hi Paul,

Good luck with the Harp I actually did this personally, and it took longer than anticipated but for the most part was the most 'painless' refi I have ever encountered.

On the second they show? Did you ever take out an equity line of credit? and never pulled any money out,[many were done with original first loans and homeowners never took money out.. and most times the banks were not the same on the first and second... ] but still have an open line? if so that could be what it is...

If it is an open line of credit, most will take a subordinated [2nd lien] position and remain in the second position (I had my Harp refi with Chase and then my equity line with Wells Fargo) I did not include the 2nd and was still able to Harp refi with Chase.

Where you live has no relation to where a mortgage may be located, and many time (especially back in the day) they were sold the day they closed sometime multiple times before they settled down, but do get to the bottom of it and have the bank help you out with finding out who they are and where they are.  Then contact them and get a copy of your note - you may be able to obtain this from your title co also (we do things a little differently here in California)

Dig into the specific cloud on your title and if it is not your get it cleared up...

Good luck

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