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My parents have been searching for a place in Manhattan for my little brother and his friend(s). The situation is that my brother's friend(s) wants to rent the place to room with him. I have been aiding my parents in finding a nice condo within our budget, and I've come across many condops. I've tried doing some research on what condops are, but I still don't understand it too well. If you could, is it possible to dumb it down a bit for me; all I know is that it's a mix between a condo and a co-op (obviously). I have absolutely no experience in real estate as this is the first time I am assisting with buying a home. The 2nd problem is that my parents have an agent who speaks Chinese with them so I can't understand the technical words at all, so my understanding of what condops are is slim to none. I have a few questions and I hope you don't mind if I follow up with them later on.


Hello Ivan,

Thank you for the interesting question.

I had not heard of condop until your question.

I went on line and looked it up.  You can do the same and get a full over view of condop better than I can tell you.

It sounds like they have both condos and coops in the same complex or building and overlapping rules.  Your best action when investigating would be to contact the complex managing agent.


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