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We are needing to find a home very quickly here is southwest Missouri.  Two of the main things we need are for the property to be owner financed and to be free from any near by neighbors.  We went to look at one place recently that was labeled "owner financed" on Craigs List only to end up talking to a Realtor.  It's also time consuming to weed through all the places that turn out to have another house within spitting distance.

Do you know a good way to narrow the search down??

You're asking for a most improbable property, Todd. I say that not because I am a Realtor, but because you have to realize what kind of real estate market it is out there. In most cases the market is a seller's market. That means almost any seller can sell his/her property within a short length of time, get his cash, and even if he doesn't use a Realtor, he can expect to not only to get his price, but he would not have to mess around with a buyer who has questionable credit.

Investors out there are paying cash to a great extent. And to expect to find a property out in the boonies on top of that with seller financing? You are asking for a highly desirable property even if it is a rundown piece of junk. Most house hunters would like to have no neighbors, too. But that is not likely to happen.

Since you do not want to work with a Realtor, you will have to do the work as one to find the property you'd like to buy. Again, if it was a buyer's market you might have a better chance of finding the property you're looking for because the seller of that property most likely is finding it difficult to find a buyer of any kind, then you'd find a seller-financed property.

So, if you are willing to get in your car and knock on doors and get deceived by unscrupulous Realtors who will mislead you, then that is what you're going to have to do. Each real estate market is regional. So, if you know for a fact that the market in YOUR region favors you finding a property of your choice with highly-desired seller financing then go ahead start your hunt. If you do find something, it most likely is going to be an old mobile home on a strip of land with few conveniences and the owner will probably have a high-interest bank loan on it and the owner is looking for someone to take over that loan . . . which the bank will not permit to be taken over by a buyer who has questionable credit.

Now you understand why you're better off working with a Realtor or continue to rent where you are. I do wish you well, Todd.

Dick Dennis  

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