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Hi,I have a realtor that to me is not really helping,for example,she has another job which interferes with our viewing of houses and iI work midnights so our window for looking at houses are very limited. I have called her and have texted her on númerouse occasions with no response. We have had several houses that we were interested all of a sudden become unavailable for various reasons but still see the said houses still listed on various sites. I have found more houses on my own than she and have done most of the homework on these houses to see if the cost is reasonable. She had stated that its best if we have two offers, according to our realtor both houses accepted our offer  and the house we really wanted all of a sudden was bought with cash,I don't know if that was true or how to go about seeing if it true,nonetheless,  I am not happy with my realtor we have lost three total houses that we just knew we had which includes assessments and inspections and our money and living situation is becoming very strained.. Our realtors contracts is for a year , how can I get out of this contract. And I was told by another realtor that unless I sign the purchase agreement I'm not liable to the realtors contract, I've looked this up and haven't found anything, I have also looked to see if there is any limitations in Michigan.

Hi Darah.

Thank you for your question.  You have every right to be upset with your Realtor.  She may or may not be on top of things and sharing the facts of each transaction openly.  There may not be anything anyone could do better. HOWEVER, what is certain is she has failed to garner your trust. This is very unfortunate. And, it sounds as though you are takng some of the responsibility for the lapse in proper communication- which is refreshing to read...

Although you have signed an Agreement to continue to work this agent for 1 year, I can almost guarantee you there is a way out of this.  My recommendation is you call the Michigan Dept. of Real Estate, or your local Realtor association and ask what is 'customary' to accomplish this task.  It could be as easy as providing the 'firing' in writing via email.  What you do not want to do is take the advice of another local Realtor on what you should do. After all, it is not ethical for them to try to woo you away, and, the action they present may not protect you in a legal sense down the road. Read as: They could be wrong!

As additional side note:  It is VERY common for the ancillary real estate sites to be wrong re: the status of a property. The information downloaded from the main MLS site your local agents are using to such sites as Zillow and Trulia, etc. is often off by -months'- worth of updates.  As for the originating MLS, Multiple Listing Service, it will not indicate what is going on behind the scenes.  For example: When counter offers are being negotiated, yet the listing still looks readily available...

I really, really feel for you Darah!  You're spending a lot of time, money and emotion and you need to feel you and your Realtor are in a partnership. When you go shopping for another Realtor I know you'll ask them how much time and attention they will be able to provide you and agreeing how often, and in what situations, you should expect communication. You may want to also ask them if they have an automated system that will forward every potential purchase candidate that matches your criteria to your email.  This technology has been out for years, is extracted directly from the originating MLS, and will track your favorites, etc. Your Realtor can track your activity and ensure you see the listings you select.  This process will increase your communication and decrease your work efforts.

Good for you for standing up for yourself! Don't give up!  And, please let me know if I have not fully answered your question,'s to finding your dream home!

My best,

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