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Buying or Selling a Home/My daughter bought a house as a "rent to own" but something seems wrong with the contract


The house in question is in Childress, TX

My daughter signed an agreement, a day ago, to purchase a house as a "rent to own". I always thought, on a rent to own, that the "closing" process or "deed signing" was done when the buyer has made the last payment and the deed is turned over to said buyer. Nevertheless, the "closing" or "deed signing" took place when my daughter made her first payment, and a hefty down payment.

I was advised by a realtor friend of mine that when the "closing" takes place, the buyer becomes the new owner under the contingency that the buyer pays the money still owed on the house; therefore, the seller becomes the bank or the loan holder.

If the deed signing has already taken place, doesn't it mean that my daughter is the new owner? Furthermore, does the seller have the right to keep a key to the house or enter the house at any time with out my daughter's permission? Also, does he have the right to make stipulations such as; no subletting, or renting out, or no room mate, or selling the house until it is paid off?

Thank you for your time in answer this matter.

That is hard to tell without reading her contract.  Did she use a Realtor?  If so they should be able to read that and help her, if not take to an attorney and have him go over it. If she has the deed, she should be owner and seller the bank, and not have a key.  But the contract may say different.

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