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I was wondering if you could give me some insight on being a real estate sales person.  I've done my research on various websites but I would like some personal advice on beginning a career in this field.  I know I have to take classes to be licensed but could you tell me what is the approximate pay rate for a beginner sales person in massachusetts is? Do real estate agents only work on commission?

A lot of people have made good money in the RE business, especially in the up times, like now and pre crash of 2007-8. I made millions.
I can't answer the compensation guess for Mass but can tell you that the average experienced agent nationwide makes approximately $50K per year and that from that there are fees to realtors associations and other fees.
The business is cutthroat to say the best, the agents are basically unethical contrary to what the realtors association says and most agents are untrained.
So, it's a tough job.
If you think you want to try, take the course and the tests, get a job with Coldwell Banker-- who offers a little training and go from there.
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