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Buying or Selling a Home/Neighbors affect your home's value?


Our neighborhood has a website where people can share information, post news, questions, etc.  A discussion started about people who park campers or boats/trailers by their homes.  I added a comment that I didn't like to see any vehicles that look more commercial than residential parked in the neighborhood.  That also includes homeowners who park their work-related vehicles (ex: may say XYZ Co. on the vehicle.)  Someone commented that there are local laws about such things.  Others commented that they aren't bothered by such vehicles.   I wonder if these vehicles affect nearby homes' values.  If your house is for sale, and neighbors' driveways contain campers, boats, trucks, etc, is your home considered less valuable because of its surroundings?

Hi Vicki;

Any of the neighborhood surroundings affect Buyers' opinions of the home that is for sale.This is why Homeowner's associations came into being--to protect the values of the homes by protecting the looks and lifestyle of the neighborhood. Large commercial vehicles; unmaintained yards; weird house paint colors;barking dogs;people repairing their cars on their driveways; yard art; lots of junk or children's toys in the front yard; type of fencing; and other such things are among major detractors to the entire neighborhood and will definitely affect the values of the homes.

I hope that my answer gives you the ammunition you need to make your point.

Jessica Bryan
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