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my house is NOT selling.. I was told it does NOT have curb appeal. what do u suggest that i do to the outside (also give suggestions on the inside) to make it be more "sellable"  shrubs? put bricks on lower part add or paint shutters. thank u. here is my house

Several questions come to mind....Is it listed with a Realtor?  Is it listed in the market price range for your area?  There are two things that keep a house from selling.  Price and location. One of those cant be changed.  Look on or at some of the homes on there.  See what is appealing on those sites.  Look around neighborhood...does your home conform?  Cleanliness, less clutter, and updated things like faucets and doorknobs are inexpensive ways to update and look new.  I haven't seen your home, but that is a few tips we often have for our sellers.

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