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First of all, I'm not sure you can answer my question or not but here goes .... The seller of a mobilehome (which is actually owned by my friend's father with his cousin having Power of Attorney) so it's the cousin because his father is incapacitated now .. told me to take care of selling the manufactured home ASAP.  The same day I brought him a buyer for a lot more money than they thought it was worth.  I am not an agent -- just helping a friend.  Supposedly eventually the money is to go to my friend.  Meanwhile the manager of the park is putting a lot of pressure on the cousin to sell it to a buyer he has already "approved" for less than 25% of my offer.  I had another buyer who is currently a resident in the park but the manager gave her trouble and wouldn't approve her, even though she's already approved.  He gave her an entirely different application with a lot more information requested and told her she'd have to do improvements to the home,etc. so she said she was going to move it and he came up with a lot more roadblocks that he's not qualified or entitled to demand.  Further, the cousin was negative about her moving it, siding with the manager that they had to have 60 days notice and approval from the manager before she could move it and the manager would have to approve her mover and use one he recommended, repair any damage to the lot caused by moving it, etc. Well, she was so gung ho to buy it but quickly faded, although she had a mover come out and look at it and she knew the manager had no right to request the things he was, that he wanted the unit for himself but with the cousin agreeing there wasn't any point of fighting it.  So, here is where I come in with this new buyer who also is wanting to move it.  He's a savvy buyer, having moved lots of them --- he's in the business and knows he doesn't need manager approval to move the manufactured home in this case because the manager did an unlawful detainer on it in retaliation for reserving the clubhouse for an owner's meeting to vote to remove the management, sign a petition and forward it to the owners.  Two weeks later my friend was served with the Notice to Quit.  This is my problem.  My friend has to be out tomorrow and the manager is planning on putting a lien on the manufactured home and taking it over, (he owes no rent -- just atty fees for the unlawful detainer).  I have been the only one dealing with this buyer --- I'm the one who advertised and showed the house and made a deal with him,  Now all of a sudden the cousin's wife (who's a real estate agent) is pulling fast ones --- she's VERY PUSHY and AGGRESSSIVE.  She demanded me to give her my buyer's contact info.  I didn't want to do this because she blew the last buyer we gave her and she's demanding the title co. draw up a new contract (my buyer already drafted a fair contract with buyer/seller splitting fees).  She wants the buyer to pay all the escrow and title fees, all fees required by park, all repairs required by Park or County and pro rated taxes.  And this buyer is paying $8000 more than the manager is offering!!  And she's wanting him to close in one day or she's selling it to the manager.  It's my friend who loses out otherwise I'd back away from the deal.  I refused to give her my buyer's number --- she's too high strung, doesn't know mobilehome laws, and I'm afraid she'll put off my buyer.  But remember I'm not an agent.  The cousin was to give me the power of attorney to open escrow but I just realized he had given me a stack of papers that were worthless --- no power of attorney.  And he did this on purpose because his wife wanted control - so she's going to head dowm to the title co first thing in the morning and try to get the buyer's info. from the title co. and take over the deal, doing it her way.  I'm relatively certain there's a good chance she's going to blow the deal - she's the type of agent who never cracks a smile, is very aggressive and only out for herself,.. by the way, do you think they'd entertain a "finder's fee"??   I think you know the answer.  Is it ethical first of all for her to do this and can she sell mobilehomes (which is a vehicle title NOT REAL ESTATE) - there's no land being conveyed, what do you think of this?  Thank you so much.

Yes indeed, Susan, there is hanky-panky going on there, including from that agent (real estate agents ARE licensed to sell mobile homes). However, it seems like everybody is trying to muscle in to this transaction. Don't let them.

First thing you do is consult with a good local real estate attorney and he/she is going to stop that hanky-panky business like right now. Don't be bamboozled. Talk to that attorney like right now! I do wish you well.

Dick Dennis

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