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QUESTION: Hello, I recently purchased my first home, I had everything inspected including the water well that supplies the house.The inspector basically looked around ran the water for a few minutes and pointed out a leak on the pressure tank (I hired him to fix it),then sent a sample off to San Antonio to test it, well after he said all was good I started to water the yard and woke up the next day to having no water in the holding tank and a busted pipe in the pressure tank room. I called the inspector back to see what the problem was his guys pulled the well to check for any holes in the tubing, there were no holes so they checked the water level only to find out the well was dry and that I needed to drill another one! If I'd have known the well was dry I would not have bought this home, I like some advice on the next step I should take?

ANSWER: Hey, Kurtis.

To properly answer your question, I need to know what state you're in. You mention San Antonio but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are in Texas, only that the sample was sent to Texas.

Let me know.


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QUESTION: Yes sir I live in Moore Texas.

Hey, Kurtis.

Texas has very strict regulations regarding what home inspectors can and cannot due. Some of it is, in my opinion, too strict, like telling them that they have to use Times Roman 10pt font on 12 point leading with one inch margins for the page...............

One of the things that home inspectors cannot do is work on the property that they just inspected, so you hiring him to fix the leak on the pressure tank is a big red flag to me.

If I were you, I would contact a good real estate attorney and let him/her advise you there. Almost all attorneys provide a 30-60 minute free consultation, so get all of your documents together and take advantage of that.

I have a lot of relatives down your way. If you ever run into a Kirk, Hartmann, or Ortmann, they all are relatives. A few billion of them. Mostly in Floresville, but a lot over in Poteet, Pleasanton, and surrounding SA suburbs and rural areas.


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