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Buying or Selling a Home/Mobile vs Modular vs Condo


We are selling our home and downsizing to a home in a Senior park where we will own the land.  We are finding some units are classified as mobile homes (even though they really can't be moved) and some are classified as modular (even though they sit on piers) and some are classified as condos (also sitting on piers).  We live in California.  Is there any legal criteria that defines what the unit is.  Financing a "condo" is much easier than a Modular, and most lenders won't tough a Mobile.
By the way we are eligible for VA financing if we call it a condo.
Thank you for any comments you may have


Thanks for your question. As for modular, it should have a stamp in the electric  panel box, listing home as modular construction, and built under the required code for that state, this is how it is done in North Carolina. There are on frame and off frame modulars as well.  It will have a deed like most homes. I do not know about California? Have what you are buying verified by licensed appraiser.

As for mobile home, it will have a title like a car. Some also have the frame, axel and wheels under them.

I would consider a very good REALTOR with experience.and a very good title attorney, with experience.

Before you go to contract, make sure your lender knows everything as it relates and IF the property qualifies for a VA loan, and IF it will qualify if it is a mobile home..

Be careful here.


Buying or Selling a Home

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