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Hello Dottie,  my husband & I are in our mid 50's and planning to sell our home in CA to move to the DFW or Conroe areas of TX.  we're looking for a 3 br home with a large lot (abt an acre) up to 325k in the DFW or Conroe area.  We have lived in CA all our lives and have no clue about relocating to another state. Best case, we would like to buy a home in TX before moving there.  How would that work since we may or may not have employment in TX at that time.  We will net abt 125-150k on the sale of our home and will have more than enough for a down pymt. Can we pre-qualify based on our current income?  Do the lenders look at the fact that we are relocating or does that question even come up? We would really like to not have to rent a place only to have to move again once we get there.  What about the new home sites that allow you to pick your lot and build your home?  Would you suggest buying the lot and start the building process since the financing wouldn't really be necessary until the home is complete?  What kind of advise can you give us?  Thanks in advance !

Welcome to Texas, you are going to love it!  The lender will require you to have income, and it won't matter about the relocating if it is a same type of job.  It can all be specific to your situation.  
A lot of people do buy a lot and build. We could help you with either a home or a lot.
If you do start to build you would have to get an interim loan, and finance the home up front. But they only charge interest on the money you use.  Can be confusing, but I can help.

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