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Hello Mr. Heisler,

How  is your summer starting off?

I have question for you as realtor. If you change the kitchen cabinet hardware (the cabinet pulls/knobs) to more of a modern look, does that help sell the house? Mind that the wood in my kitchen is in very good condition, I guess you could say the wood does look at little 70's, but IMO wood is wood, it doesn't have a real decade.

Regards and Thank You so Much,

Dan Ibeling

Hi Dan-

Kitchens are about look and feel and materials.  Most buyers can see the difference, even if they can't tell why they like it.

I could write a very long post here about kitchens, but here are some key takeaways instead.

-Wood is NOT wood.  How it is cut, stained, how much of it is real vs. laminate are all big considerations, as is wood type.
-Changing hardware works if the net effect works.  Otherwise it doesn't really.
-Paint, fixtures, countertops and backsplash all need to work together.

I can't really answer your question without a "before" and "after".  But based on your comments, if your kitchen looks like it came from the 70's, than I expect changing hardware won't help very much.  It will help, but it's not the difference between selling and not selling.  

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