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I recently purchased a townhome with a single car garage. The garage length is only 15 feet long and it was never disclosed that the garage would not fit a standard car. I believe that both the seller and her agent were deceptive and hoping that it would go unnoticed, which it did. The inspector did not inspect much of the garage due to the seller's belongings taking up most of the space. I would not have purchased this home had I realized I wouldn't be able to fit my own car in the garage. Do I have a case against the seller and/or her agent for misrepresentation? And is this something the inspector should have noted?

Hello Michelle - Agency laws are different in each state however nationally the seller's responsibility is to disclose latent defects or known conditions of the home. The Seller/listing agent must also refrain from 'puffing' or misrepresenting the property and/or its features and amenities. If the seller marketed the home as a single 'car' garage there may be an issue, however indicating that there is a 'garage' does not necessarily mean a car will fit in it. Liability may also fall with your agent in the event you told your agent you wanted a home with a one car garage, your agent/broker may also share in some liability. If your agent searched for properties including a single car garage at your request, and failed to confirm the garage would fit a 'car', then failure to have vetted that information may constitute, depending on your state's agency laws, a violation of their duty as your representative. Of course, a property inspector would probably not be required to verify the size of the garage as their duty is to verify working and non-working mechanical items, and some condition issues of the property. The responsibility would fall upon, the seller for disclosure or misrepresentation, the listing agent for misrepresentation, your agent for a lack of keeping your best interests at the foremost of their responsibility, and of course yourself. I would begin seeking advice from your agent and their supervisor (called a designated broker here in AZ). First, if you told them you wanted a one car garage and park your car inside, then they have some responsibility/liability. If you did not specifically give your agent the instruction that you desired to park inside the garage, then your agent probably has performed properly. Next, I would recommend asking your agent and their broker to review the listing and disclosure information to see if the seller indicated 'anywhere' where the garage is a one car garage, or identifies that a buyer can 'park' in the garage, if so, there is probable misrepresentation on the seller or listing broker's part. Finally, if there is no misrepresentation, the last part of the liability chain is whether you verified the desire to park in the garage, when you had not shared that desire within the context of property criteria shared with your agent. If any of the above duties of disclosure, misrepresentation or lack of fiduciary service exists, and you cannot get anywhere with your agent or their broker, I recommend turning to a local TV advocate. These usually are names things like "Turn To TV10" or "Channel 12 on Your Side" or the like. The investigative reporters will help you get one of these responsible parties to communicate with you and also help you with the possible outcome. Of course, the news must be newsworthy and accurate. Finally, you can always contact the real estate board or association of REALTORS for help determining whether the agents/brokers involved may have violated the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics. This Code can be found online using a Google search using those terms. This code is what every REALTOR must pledge to uphold and we all take this very seriously. I hope this answers your question and directs you to achieve the right result. Please reply if you need any additional information. I apologize for the delay in my reply. Also, remember I am not an attorney so this not legal advice, rather it is to be considered information that any experienced REALTOR should be able to provide. Thank you - Todd

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