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I am trying to figure out the logistics of relocating to another state, when my current house is paid for, I am in no hurry to sell, and it won’t be a problem to buy another house first and then sell this one, if needed.

I live in ND in a paid for house. I want to relocate to TX, but am in no hurry. I can live in this house till it sells, close, immediately have my stuff shipped to TX, put  most of it in storage while I house hunt there.

I can clean this house out, store my stuff here and rent something cheap here for a few months while I wait for the house to sell.

I can buy something in TX, close, move my stuff, get settled, put this house on the market and come back to close when this house sells. (This is probably the simplest – one thing at a time.)

I am so confused! How do other people do it when the old house is paid for and there is no hurry about selling it?

Hello JoAnne - This is an age-old question that has plagued homeowners for years. Many don't seek assistance and the daunting task ends in emotional distraught and the decision not to move at all, however those that do seek advice realize the although the process may still contain elements of stress ultimately its rewarding... and fun! Today's real estate market offers you comfort from a selling perspective in that there is a lack of home inventory in most states. This means that you have options, and there are strategies to best meet your needs. First, you could rent your existing home as the rental rates are high in many areas. If needed, this might allow you time to focus on selecting your new home first, then consider selling your current home later, even take advantage of increasing prices selling later than sooner when the home values have increased. Hiring a REALTOR to provide you with necessary market statistics, understanding the home selling process customs in your area, and someone who can listen to your needs and concerns and provide you with answers is in your best interest. Statistically most sellers only interview one (1) REALTOR however you may consider interviewing more than one listing agent and compare the costs and services. Although the core services will always be similar, you may feel more comfortable with one versus another and your confidence and comfort with that person is the most important aspect of your satisfaction. Although there is a cost associated with hiring a REALTOR, the national statistics show that people who hire a REALTOR sell their home in shorter periods of time, and at a higher sales price.

In the same line of thinking, hiring a REALTOR (real estate professional) to assist you with the new home purchase process (community, entertainment, nightlife, arts, home needs, etc.) will provide you with similar value on the buying side and your agents fee is typically paid through the listing broker or owner/seller. This means there is little or no cost for you to receive this valuable advice and support.

I moved recently myself, and elected to rent my current home since I could qualify for a mortgage on the new one without the need to sell. We found a great tenant who were at the same stage of life  as were we who opted for a 2-year lease. This was good news for us as the market is intended to increase 20% over the next two years.. the additional carrying costs are being paid by the tenant. The new home search was lengthy and we looked at almost 30 homes. We are picky, since we are in the real estate business, however we are like everyone else at the same time. Looking for that home that met our needs. Obviously we eventually found the 'right' home and we are enjoying the decisions we made.

In closing, you might consider the following process:
1- Start your new home search online using, Zillow or Trulia and learn about the homes prices, styles and amenities in particular areas. 2- talk to a REALTOR in the major areas you would like to live and ask about the community, arts, dining, nightlife, activities, prices and taxes to get a feel for which local areas you would want to live. 3- Go on Google Earth, and search the Chambers of Commerce for additional information about those areas. 4- Narrow your home search (bedrooms, size, style, features, etc) that your new home must have. 5- at some point you will need to visit the areas and meet with your REALTOR to see in person the areas that looked good on paper/online, as sometimes they look totally different when you get there.

ONCE all this is done, and you get excited about the prospects of moving, THEN consider meeting with a REALTOR in your current city to learn more about the options you have to sell or rent your home. Interview them like they were being hired for a job, get testimonials with phone numbers you can call to ask about them, remember references always like the person. Finally, use the internet yourself and as previously mentioned check home prices of homes similar to yours. You want to ensure you know the average value of your home so that when the REALTOR talks to you about price you can discuss that with an understanding of your local market. Of course, although WebMD has changed the information about medical, we still need the doctor to truly help us diagnose our issue.

Congratulations on your decision to learn more about the home selling and buying process. If you would like more detailed information about each process please reply and I will be happy to provide you with that, and answer any additional questions. I look forward to serving you further. - Todd

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