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I have a question that I'm not quite sure if I h ae the right person for this question. I heard somewhere that if I was to buy home with gold payments that the home would be free and clear of every being taken by anyone.  Do you know if there is a difference when buying a home with US currency vs gold payments? Or is there a benefit one over the other? I am looking to buy land and home on the east coast without a mortgage, but wondered if there is something to what I heard.  Thanks for any help you may give!!!

Dear Marsha;
The seller doesn't usually care how he/she is paid a long as the price is agreed upon.  Usually a Buyer secures a mortgage for the bulk of the cost to buy the home.  This may be the source of the information you were given about paying in gold.  Since a mortgage means that the owner has not really completed payment in full there is always a risk that the bank could foreclose on the buyer until the home is paid off. As for the difference in cash payments; the law doesn't protect against one over another since the legalities of home ownership are in the recorded deed.  Regardless of how much or in what legal tender; if the deed is recorded correctly the new owner is protected within the limits of the law.  This does not insure against certain government functions like eminent domain. The other consideration is that the contract is written correctly.  If the contract states that the buyer will pay the seller a certain amount of money and if for some reason the seller doesn't accept US currency then the home and contract could fall through; however, once the seller signs off on the the deed and it is legally transferred and recorded the new owner is protected.

I hope that this has answered your question.

Warm Regards,
Jessica Bryan

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