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Buying or Selling a Home/Payments for Lands and home


I have a question that I'm not quite sure if I h ae the right person for this question. I heard somewhere that if I was to buy home with gold payments that the home would be free and clear of every being taken by anyone. Do you know if there is a difference when buying a home with US currency vs gold payments? Or is there a benefit one over the other? I am looking to buy land and home on the east coast without a mortgage, but wondered if there is something to what I heard. Thanks for any help you may give!!!

Never heard of that.  The home would be free and clear if you paid with US currency or gold.
If you do not mortgage the property, then you will have the deed in your name without a lien.
Now, you may have a problem with a Title Company taking gold as a payment.  There are closing costs that have to be paid besides the actual price of the property.

Buying or Selling a Home

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