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I am trying to figure out the logistics of relocating to another state, when my current house is paid for, I am in no hurry to sell, and it won’t be a problem to buy another house first and then sell this one, if needed.

I live in ND in a paid for house. I want to relocate to TX, but am in no hurry. I can live in this house till it sells, close, immediately have my stuff shipped to TX, put  most of it in storage while I house hunt there.

Or I can clean this house out, store my stuff here and rent something cheap here for a few months while I wait for the house to sell.

I can buy something in TX, close, move my stuff, get settled, put this house on the market and come back to close when this house sells. (This is probably the simplest – one thing at a time.)

I am so confused! How do other people do it when the old house is paid for and there is no hurry about selling it?

Hi JoAnne,

Sorry it took me so long to respond to you, but I just came back from vacation late last night!

Anyway, it sounds like you have an ideal situation, and you can do whatever makes YOU feel the most comfortable.

Personally, I prefer to move completely out of a house and get it all spiffed up before putting it on the market. I would just leave a few nice fake potted plants in the main rooms of the house (living room, dining room, master bedroom) to give the rooms some dimension (rooms show smaller when they are completely empty) and some decorative things in the kitchen and baths to make it a bit more cozy. That way not only does it show to its best advantage, I don't have to worry about keeping everything perfect all the time.

Of course to do this you will need a great listing agent that will go by at least a couple of times a week to check on the house and make sure all is in order. A good agent will do that as a normal part of their service.

But there is no wrong answer here. It can be done any way that makes you feel the most comfortable! Hope that helps and best of luck with your move.

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