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Dear Ms. Bryan

First of all, thank you very much for volunteering on this site!

Brief background:   We were trying to sell a house in Louisiana for a while but since we couldn't, we decided to rent it.  The sales agent passed us onto their property mgt section.  Through them we rented our house out.  -   The contract we have w/the rental agent only specifies the amount of rent, nothing about option to buy.  

Q: Should the renter want to buy our house, would the renting agent - whom we hired - have any right to any commission?

Q:  Am I under any obligation to retain my rental agent for any period of time?   In other words, after they found a renter (who appears to have a rental agent as well) for us, what sort of obligation - if any - do I have to them?  Right now they are getting 10% of the rent.

Q: Under what circumstances would it be OK for me to make direct contact with the renters?   

Once again, thank you very much for volunteering on this site!  
Pablo Durissimo

Hi Pablo;
Your question has a couple of possible answers depending upon what your agreements were and how they were written.  If you have a contract with the rental agent was there anything about the duration of the contract?  Once the contract expires you are free to do whatever you wish and certainly have the right to contact the people renting your house (unless there is something that specifically states that you will not contact the renters. I doubt that though.)  You are under no obligation to pay a commission to the rental agent if the renters decide to buy the home unless that agent has an agreement in writing with you that identifies that activity and service as well as what the commission would be.  Also; depending upon the contract there might be wording that says how long you must retain the rental agent.  However, if you decide that you no longer want to rent your home there is no way you will owe the rental agent unless the contract specifies that.  If you have any questions about the wording; you might want to run it by an attorney.

Best wishes.

Jessica Bryan

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