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Could you please advise me who I could contact that may be interested in purchasing my land in Hill County.I have 12 acres

Hi Lisa,
I know nothing about Hill County Texas, but I would suggest you contact a good real estate agent close to where your land is located (or in the next largest city) who possibly specializes in land sales has a LOT of these transactions.

To find a good agent, you can pick up some real estate magazines that are usually at supermarkets; look at ads in your local newspaper and/or the newspaper of a larger city in Texas near your land.   Look for advertisements for land sales.  If you see the same name pop up over and over, this might be an agent who does a lot of land deals.  You can also ask family and friends who have sold land which agent (if they used one) they used, and if they would use him/her again.

You can also go to and research available land in or near your city/county in Texas and take note of the agent(s)’ names.

When you locate and/or contact an agent, don’t be afraid to ask questions such as …
•   I’d like to have printouts of a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of my property.  This will show similar properties for sale now, those under contract, and those which have closed in the last year.
•   How many land transactions do you do per year?
•   Will you provide me with follow up at least monthly for activity on my land?
•   Will you be advertising my land every month?  If so, where?

You will want to have the following available for either an agent or a prospective buyer:

•   Information on the zoning classification of your land.  How can your land be used; are there restrictions?  If so, get a copy of the restrictions.
•   Availability of any water and sewer, or will it have to be well and septic?
•   Plat of the property if you have one.  If not, you can go to the RMC or Clerk’s Office for the County in which your land is located and ask for help to see if there is any recorded plat of your property.  These offices have paid staff who will be glad to help you research what you need.

You can also research sales for yourself at the RMC or Clerk’s Office (including private sales that may not be in an MLS database that agents access), but this might take you some time.  Again, staff at these offices will help you find what you need and answer your questions.
•   What is the amount of annual taxes you pay?
•   Do you know of any environmental hazards on your property, including any buried underground oil tanks?

I hope the above points you in a direction you’ve not yet gone.

Good luck to you, and feel free to write again if you have additional real estate questions.


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