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Thank you very much for volunteering on this site!  

Do you have an office in Austin or San Antonio or if not, would know any good agents there?

Could you explain me what the rules are governing the counting of balconies’ sqft in the total sqft of the property?    In the city of Austin, TX some of the condo owners add balcony space – and some of those balconies are very long, narrow kind w/lots of sqft- in the total sqft.   For some reason I thought it has to be livable space only and decks, balconies would not be included.    Could you shed some light on this and explain it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Pablo

Normally for a part of the home to be included in the sq ft as liveable it would have to be heated and cooled.  The porches, garage, etc have value, just not as much as liveable space.

I would be glad to recommend a good agent in Austin or San Antonio.  Are you buying or selling? or both?

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