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Diann, after getting your reply that you couldn't answer my question (below), with 25 years experience and saying you
'can answer almost any specific question about buying or selling homes, condos...' I must ask, if someone came to you wanting to sell their condo and asked you what I did, would you just not answer them or tell them that you don't know? Just curious. Thanks

I don't know about any of mother is in her 90's and lives in Texas. When she dies, her will states that I am her sole beneficiary of her assets,including her condo, that I will want to sell as quickly as possible. She doesn't have the deed to it showing she owns it, and my niece, who will be the executor, said we will probably have to get that from the county courthouse. In order for a real estate agent to sell the condo, 1.)will they need the actual deed? and 2.) will it somehow need to be transferred over to me before it can be sold or can it be sold without doing that? Thanks

Hi Lee,

If the question was about Nevada, I could have answered it, but these are actually legal questions specific to the state of Texas. I hit the button to send it back to the "question pool" because I was hoping that an agent from Texas would see it and be able to respond to you rather than me just telling you that I couldn't answer it.

In Nevada, the deed would be recorded and we wouldn't have to get a copy from the court house. The escrow/title company could obtain it for us from public records. The executor of the state would just need to provide a notarized copy of the will and the death certificate.

But Texas may be different. (My own mother just passed away last month in Florida and I ran into the same type of situation.) Perhaps you could get in touch with an escrow company in Texas that could answer your questions as to what you will need?  

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