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I am interested in moving out to an unzoned rural area. I understand that I'll have to go with a well, septic system and other such rural realities. I'm fine with that. The biggest problem I have is cost. Land can be very expensive and I can't afford very much. Is there a way that I along with other people in the same situation could all put our money together, buy a large property that none of us could ever afford on our own, and then divide it into individual lots for each investor?

HI Kurt,
There is something of drop in price per acre for large land lots but it would depend on where you were looking as to how much that would be and how much land.  But first let me put a few ideas before you.  I'm going to move you to the North Georgia Mountains which is a very nice place to be.  There are 31.7 acres selling for $100,000.  That's about $3100/acre.  Now how much land do you really need?  I believe Marjorie Wildcraft says that 2 acres in a temperate climate can probably support a family of 4.  So how many people are you going to be? The Max at 15 people with 2+ acres each?  That will work but you've got to get each lot checked by the Health Department for septic permit. Oops, I forgot.  First, You have to divide it up. Pay for a survey.  Land is never the same.  Who gets which piece.  I want the one with creek frontage.  George wants the one at the top of the mountain on the ridge with the 30 mile view.  Oh, how about putting in roads so everybody can get to their land?  And get in a well drilling truck to each lot.  Oh, your going to have community water?  No problem, just 3 or 4 wells, a few pump houses to pump the water to everybody and a few miles of piping. But it won't work without electric. Are you going to run electric to every bodies homesite? Going to put in Solar or walk 1000 yards to the creek? You still have to do septic. Oh and you had to run all this through County Government to get it approved.
Basically, you are talking about building a subdivision with no restrictions.  Or I could sell you a 3 acre lot listed for $15,000 with a spring head on it and electric available which you probably could get for 13K or maybe less immediately versus $3100/acre base price for the other which could go waaaaaaaay over that $3100/acre.
Kurt, everything in life is possible but consider all the possibilities of what the reality really is.  Land prices in some states may be much less but always consider water availability and check rainfall.  Also growing season and type of winters.

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A lot of people who want to move to the mountains don't really realize what it might involve. For instance, here in North Georgia, if you want a mountain view, you may have to drive up very steep roads. Will you have well water (That's usually good!)? Do you speak septic tanks? Have you considered that if you want really want to get away from it all, you'll do it on a gravel road? What's difference between a Log home and a Log Sided home? How can I tell? Who takes care of the house when you're not there? Where can you stay to check it out? This is a very popular area for second homes and investment properties or when you finally decide to get way from it all, I can find your perfect property. I can answer questions on North Georgia Mountain living, housing, land, amenities, and activities. We handle a lot of foreclosed properties in our office so I have become a Certified REO Specialist. REO means Real Estate Owned and is the industry name for a Foreclosure. It refers to "owned by a bank or other corporate entity". If it involves an area of expertise I don't have, I can probably tell you what kind of an expert you do need.


We've had property in the Ellijay area for over 10 years. My husband, who is a Civil Engineer and Appraiser, and I built our own log home. We researched log homes and North Georgia for three years before choosing Ellijay. Because of the building experience and being married to an engineer/appraiser, my real estate experience is a bit more extensive than average. I also am an education freak believing that the more you know, the better off you are. My husband and I both like photography, so we drive and hike all over the mountains looking for pictures.

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