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Buying or Selling a Home/China's Economy= Real Estate?



I'm planning on purchasing a residential property and turn it into a rental property. However, with the recent negative financial situation in Greece and China, would that affect the real estate market in the US? thanks


Hi Jackie,
Yes, any failure of the monetary system of another country can affect our economy, including the real estate market.  The real estate market, however, is generally slower to respond to negative events than say, the stock market, where prices can fluxuate many times daily.

I am not a securities expert and, by law, cannot give you any more information than I did above.

If you find a property that you want to purchase and rent out, as long as you get the property at a good price relative to its condition and the rent would not be exorbitant, my personal opinion is that you should be safe.

I hope this helps.

Buying or Selling a Home

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