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I am coming into a decent inheritance (90000) in the near future. And I will be buying either a home or land in the greater New Orleans,La area. I was wandering what is better, buying a fixer upper(20000-40000) in a decent neighborhood or buying land in a better neighborhood (10000-15000) and build a home on that?


It's not a one-size fits all answer.   The answer is: What nets you the most equity?  

If I buy a fixer-upper for 25,000, put 25,000 in to it, and it is worth $75,000, then I have made 75,000 in equity.

If I buy a lot for 15,000, build a home for 35,000, and it is worth 75,000, then I have made 75,000 in equity.

Both assume what you have built or renovated is worth more than what you started with, but that is not always the case.   Many people do all the work for no equity, generally because they overpay for the house to renovate, overpay for the land, or underestimate the work involved.

Unless you are an experienced land developer or contractor, or have a superb agent in your target area, I would recommend buying a home in B condition, or C+ condition, with EASY TO FIX  things, for a good price.  That is the least risk, and the best protection for your money.  


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