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Hi Russell,  I inherited my home in nj and doing all the repairs to get ready to sell it. My neighbors are letting their houses get run down. Is fixing my house a waste of money to get a good price on the home. Thank you

Hey, Mary.

I believe that fixing a house is never a waste of time or money. Don't go overboard, though. For example, if no one in the neighborhood has granite countertops, don't put granite countertops in. If no one has stainless appliances, don't put stainless appliances in. Make sure everything is working and in good order because any problems will be found by a home inspector and then negotiations probably will start all over again.

You could, though, simply note things that don't work rather than repairing them, and then disclose them. The presumption is that if you know and disclose, you probably adjusted the sales price to take the disclosures into account. Not always, but usually.

Best wishes with your sale.


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