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Hi there, I'm a first-time home buyer I've gotten all the way through the approval process and I'm beginning to look with a realtor. The question I have is this. I got with my girlfriend a little less than a year ago. She has agreed to pay half of the mortgage on the new house even though the mortgage is solely in my name. Now lets say 2,3,4 years down the road the relationship goes south and she wants "her half of the house" back? I've talked to her about signing a lease agreement and she said ok. But even with a lease agreement would she have any recourse? Is this legal? Is there anything else I could do to protect my investment? Hopefully we live happily ever after and this situation never arises, but I like to be prepared for anything. Especially with an investment this large. I know if we ended up getting married all bets are off then, but I dont see that happening anytime soon. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me on this matter.


1) House Ownership:  This is who owns the house.  The Deed reflects all the owners.  The MORTGAGE reflects all the borrowers.

There are many different ways to do house ownership.  I bought my house before I was married, and as such, I was the only person on the DEED and the MORTGAGE.  Getting married doesn't change that.

2) LEASE: A lease is for someone who is a TENANT.  Tenants do not own property.  They pay rent for a place to  stay.  The fact that the money then goes to pay a mortgage doesn't change the ownership structure.

If you don't get married, then she has no claim to the house.  Even if you do, until the deed is updated, her claim is limited in many states (I am not an attorney in any state) You should, of course, explain how things work,  sooner rather than later.  There should be no misconceptions about ownership.


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