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I want to start investing in property in stable and emerging economy in countries around the world i have never been before, do I need to visit these countries physically or I can complete the transactions online through the help of experts in these countries?

Unless you're very familiar with property values in other countries, Nureni, it is recommended that you do visit other lands FIRST before you shell out your funds for investing. There is one main reason for this: each country has its own rules and laws that require you as an investor to adhere to.

No other country has the simplicity and understanding, and landlord, and tenant protection that we have in this country. Yes, there are those who would take your money with which to invest . . . even in THIS country . . . without giving you the assurances of making out.

But before you do invest in other lands you should do the same right here in this country. That's what big-time investors do. I might also suggest that you read and consume books and online reading matter BEFORE you even invest one dollar. While you're at it, you should become very familiar with foreign exchange rates, too. I do wish you well.

Dick Dennis

Buying or Selling a Home

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