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I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email/question. I am interested in leasing solar panels on the house I own. I've been living in my home for approximately 10 years I believe we will be selling within the next 5 years. What are your thoughts on leasing solar panels versus buying them.

What I mean by leasing is the company will install maintain and benefit from all the tax credits with no added cost pocket from the homeowner. However, most companies require a contract that the panels are on your home for 20 years.

With that being said, my question is if I decide to lease and not buy will the solar panels still increase the value of my home? Will homeowners be less likely to look at a house where they are required to keep the panels on the house?   In your opinion what are the pros and cons of leasing versus buying solar panels  strictly in selling the house.  There are many solar homes in my area/development so it is increasing in popularity


I've written about this topic on my blog. In general, leasing panels doesn't help you sell your home, in my experience.  However, buyers are getting more comfortable every year, so in five years it's true value may be more relevant.


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