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Hi ive got a interested in selliing on ebay,amazon,and some other auctions if i can.Here's my  question.I've been thinking about using some dropshippers.At one time I was hesistant because i felt that I would lose control of the product.I was always  conecerned about  the return policy.If you buy your products yourself then you can be flexible with return policy.If you set your return policy to 2o days, if a customer gets in contact with on day v35 you have the say  so and you can obilge the customer.With the dropshipper you prety much have to abide by the dropshipper.You can't return the money because your hands  are tied but u probably dont want them to know that you dropship.I' ve been  seaching email regularly and i've noticed something.A lot of people have a return policy of like 7 days ofcouse that depends on the product.So check this out.I was thinking that since most of the dropshipper ive checked out off a return policy of like 30 days.I could just list on the items that I sell something like 7 to 15 days.That way the customer know the return policy and if they happen to wait a little longer i have more freedom with the returns.My logic is this if the return  policy is like 7 to 15 days then most people wont wait like 60 days or something  to ask for a  return.But some might miss the date and ask like after 20 days.But if i do like 30 days the same as the dropshipper then my hands are tied. i guess by setting up my own return policy earlier its giving a little bit more freedom without the customer crowding not sure if im explaning my logic right. My other question is this.Is there anyway a person can tell what is selling on ebay?Like some type of market research software or something?I already have an idea of what i want to sell, but it still helps to know what is selling because i f I post things and nobody buys then its probably useless because im not making  a profit.My last question is this.It's more than likely i will probably have to use more than one dropshipper.Will it look odd to customers when they order one product and it comes from this location and another product comes from another.Plus I can imagine diffrent dropshippers have different shipping methods.

First of all, do your OWN market research on eBay. It's not difficult. Just search eBay for the types of products you intend to sell. See how your possible competitors list them (auction or fixed price), for how much, what they charge for shipping. Search COMPLETED listings to see how they are selling (private listings may be excluded). Look for ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Second, about drop shipping and returns. eBay FORCES you to accept PayPal, therefore your return policy may be overridden by PayPal's policies. If someone buys something with PayPal and doesn't like it, they can return it for a FULL refund (including shipping), no questions asked. Not only that, but if someone uses PayPal AND the payment comes from their credit card, the customer can ALSO file a dispute (charge back) despite what your return policy says.

Finally, regarding multiple drop shippers -- customers don't care where or who it comes from, they care about the product and how fast they get it. If the product arrives quickly, is as it was described and does what it is supposed to do, you'll be fine. Otherwise, you'll have trouble.

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Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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