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I think items on Ebay can't be shipped to a PO BOX. I've tried UPS but it's very expensive to get a regular address there. Any ideas on how I can rent an address, cheaply, where I can get my items from Ebay?

If the seller is shipping via USPS then a PO Box is not a problem, but many sellers ship via FedEx or UPS in which case the PO Box is a problem.

Another problem is PayPal, which is the form of payment used by at least 98% of eBay sellers. Unless you have a PayPal confirmed address, which means your credit card statements are mailed to the same address, many eBay sellers will not ship there.

Unless you are doing something shady, there is no good reason not to use your current street address to avoid the above problems.


Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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