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Hi there, my commercial listings on ebay have stopped selling in the last month. I'm a silver seller and my process is roughly the same:

-List below the middle listings but not be the lowest
-Start the auction at my reserve
-If it doesn't sell I do a buy it now for 30 days

What do you think I could do to change and improve my sales?

Reserve auctions are a kiss of death in many people's eyes, especially around the holidays.  I think that's what you're seeing here.  As the Holiday Shopping gets under way, people don't want to wonder if they are going to get an item by bidding too little. They will go for the Buy-It-Now or an auction where they know there is no reserve.
If you send me your user name privately, I can look a bit closer at what may be additionally causing problems.
Email me direct at

Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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