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I've been selling on ebay for a long time now and I have powerseller status with great feedbacks.

Ever since eBay changed that you can't list multiple auctions, I have switch to a single fixed price listing.

My sales have plummeted compared to last year.
For example. in 2011 Oct , Nov and Dec if I were to make $500 in 2 days, This year in 2012, I maybe make $400 in 7 days.

My listings do show up on search Best Match, even though my prices are certainly not the lowest, rather in the mid-high range.

My items are also what usually sells for the holidays and they are in the $10-15 range and they are brand new.

I'm currently at a loss and I'm extremely worried that I won't be able to make enough money for the slower  several months of 2013.

Please help with suggestions and or info.

Thank you so much in advance

A few things you can do:

If you are running 30 Day GTC listings, try ending them and relisting. eBay will see them as new listings and they may appear higher in Best Match.

Try offering free shipping (build the cost into the item price). This can help placement in Best Match.

Offer international shipping if you are not already.

Learn to sell on Amazon in addition to eBay. Amazon's clientele is completely different, more affluent than eBay customers, and they will pay more. Also, Amazon offers the Prime account and eBay has nothing comparable. Read about selling on Amazon here:

Good luck!

Suzanne Wells

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