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I have the following books by Joel Chandler Harris:

1.   “Nights with Uncle Remus” Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation. Riverside Press Printed 1883.
2.   “Mingo” and other Sketches in Black and White. The Riverside Press, Cambridge.  Printed 1890.
3.   “Balaam and His Master” and other sketches and stories. The Riverside Press, Cambridge. Printed 1891.
4.   “On the Plantation” a story of a Georgia boy’s Adventure during the war. D. Appleton and Company. Printed 1892. Signed by the author. “yours faithfully Joelchandlerharris”.

I am a novice in both selling on eBay and old books.
•   How do I setup an account on eBay and Pay pal?
•   Is eBay the right place to sell these books?
•    Also is there a source that can help me determine a fair price for the books?
Thank you


You can set up an account on Ebay and Paypal from the home page of the Ebay website. It's a bit involved, but it's menu driven, just follow the choices.

I've sold old books on Ebay, and got what I thought was a fair price. Pawn Shops and Book Stores will give you less, and I'm not aware of other possibilities, other than auction houses, which I don't think would be interested in these, unless they are worth a lot more than I assume. So I think Ebay is probably the best place.

You can search Ebay completed listings for prices of books like yours. I checked on the first one and saw a similar book had sold for $175 - -obviously price depends on condition, etc.

Good luck,


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