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Can I list items on ebay that I am selling for different company? I am an individual consultant for Our Hearts Desire and I was wondering if I can list my items and website on ebay.

Hi, Samantha,

You would need to check with the company you represent to see if selling their products on eBay is allowed. Many MLM companies like Melaluca, Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, and Arbonne do not allow their reps to sell the items on any other venue besides direct sales or the company-assigned website.

If someone acquires the products and is not a rep, there is really no way the MLM can control those sales because that person has no direct relationship with the parent company. (In other words, if someone came to your garage sale and bought Our Hearts Desire products, then sold them on eBay, the company has no recourse since the products are being sold on the secondary market.)

I hope that helps!

Suzanne A. Wells

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