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Hello Danna, Basically I have been buying a large amount of mobile phones on the ebay web site. I have purchased loads of nokia 5410i. I have fully refurbished them, cleaned them, and also included a brand new box for each nokia 5410i.

I have over 20 nokia 5410i in stock. So i want to encourage other buyers on ebay to grab a bargain whilst they are in stock.

in like new condition. limited stock. very fast delivery. uk seller.

the best nokia 5410i cheap classic camera bluetooth phone.

100% refurbished to new condition. fitted with new covers and parts. accessories include new charger and battery. available in black and silver colours.

how would word this listing? please advise me as i am struggling to come with a listing for ebay advert.

Hello but not sure what you mean because it sounds to me you have just worded that listing A-ok!

The simple fact to word a listing - set the item in front of you  - Stare at it AND describe it. Pretend you are telling someone by phone what the item looks like and how it works.  This is the best way to stay on track to share the proper information.

Another thing is never use words that are not the exact part of the phone you are selling or you will get pulled for "keyword spamming"

Good luck and happy selling!

Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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