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Hello Stephanie, Basically I have been buying a large amount of mobile phones on the ebay web site. I have purchased loads of nokia 5410i. I have fully refurbished them, cleaned them, and also included a brand new box for each nokia 5410i.

I have over 20 nokia 5410i in stock. So i want to encourage other buyers on ebay to grab a bargain whilst they are in stock.

in like new condition. limited stock. very fast delivery. uk seller.

the best nokia 5410i cheap classic camera bluetooth phone.

100% refurbished to new condition. fitted with new covers and parts. accessories include new charger and battery. available in black and silver colours.

how would word this listing? please advise me as i am struggling to come with a listing for ebay advert.

Good morning from Texas Craig,

As a veteran eBay seller of nearly 15 years, I know how competitive the cellphone market it is. Sounds like you are very thorough, very diligent and a very honest seller.

Your success for any refurbished electronic item will depend on pricing, your feedback and your DSR's. Trust and return policy will be critical, so please explain your return policy in great detail and in an upbeat and friendly manner.

List facts and details about the Nokia phone, just like you did here in this explanation;however, I would use a bulleted list to make it easier to read.

Do NOT use stock photos for your refurbished Nokia phone. Your phones are not new, so potential buyers will want to see the exact product that they are buying/bidding on.  Very, very important!

Last, but not least do your market research to see how other cellphone dealers list their refurbished cellphones. Be sure to compare apples to apples, so don't look at anyone selling new equipment, since yours is not new.  Take note of the keywords they use, the category, starting price, shipping, etc. and provide a complete and honest description. Most people don't read long narrative descriptions, so be concise and don't forget to use a bullet list to highlight all details about the individual phone you are selling.  I recommend auction style if you want to create a sense or urgency, as you described in the second paragraph of your inquiry to ALLEXPERTS.  Also, be sure to include ALL details in the description box, lots of clear, close-up photographs of the specific phone you are selling. Include any and all equipment that comes with the phone and paperwork, manuals, boxes, etc.

Do not use the same photos for all 20+ Nokia phones. Yes, this is additional work, but will make all the difference in the world.  It would be a whole different story if you were selling new-in-the-box phones, but you aren't.

I hope that this information is useful and having your eBay user ID would allow me to see your past and current listings that would provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Right now, I have no idea about your eBay experience, so it is very difficult to advise you not knowing if you've ever sold on the site. If not, I do recommend that you register for a class with a certified eBay instructor in your area.

Kindest regards,
Stephanie Inge
Dallas, Texas
eBay ID:  stephintexas

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