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Hi there,
I have been issued sellers fees by ebay.

As I was initially under the impression that as a personal seller (non business/commercial)I could sell up to 40 items free on ebay, I was surprised by the fee ($59.40) which is due on the 30 Dec)after only selling 3 items.  I posted 6 items in total, and set my seller status as 'Personal' (non business).  I was intending to begrudgingly pay the fee today, but have stumbled upon a link on google search that states "Fees only apply to sellers with Premier and Business accounts".

As I am only a one off personal seller, I am seeking confirmation as to whether or not to dispute the fees, which are all invoiced as "final Value Fee"

Kind regards,

- John Denney


Yes we all pay fees on eBay no matter what type of seller you are. If your listings were free, that was the insertion fee but the final value fee is not free.  If your item does not sell then you have no fees but once it sells you will pay a fee depending on what your item sold for.  You must of done well with a fee like that which means your items ended for a nice amount.

The fees to vary per category but the basic fees are about 10% of whatever price your item sells for. You will also have a PayPal fee.

Hope that info helps and Happy eBay selling!
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Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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