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Dear expert

I have four boxes full of new items that I want to sell online. I have T-shirts, books, umbrellas, toys, laptop bags, and key chains.

Do you know where and how can sell them online?
Is there any charge to sell them online?
Do I have to pay for shipping charges?
How many ways are there to receive payments from the buyers?
Do you have a phone number where they can answer questions?

Thank you

Ebay.  Go to You list an auction, and people can bid or BIN (buy it now) according to how you set up the auction.  It's all in the help section.

At Ebay there is a fee to LIST the item, and then a fee based on the final SALE PRICE.  when you receive the Payment through Paypal, there are also fees to accept the payment.  

Shipping can be included, or paid by the buyer, depending again on how you list the item. Most buyers like to bid on items with shipping prepaid.  

On Ebay, there is only Paypal.  

No, I do not answer questions for people on the phone.
Sellers on Ebay can receive questions about their items through their Ebay account.  

Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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