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QUESTION: I am a first time eBay seller having listed an item which is currently bidding at $500. I have not listed worldwide shipping options, but an eBay member from Asia has contacted me to explain that he would bid if I could ship FedEx, and that he would make the shipping arrangements. His reputation is all positive. Is this a legitimate transaction, and is it even possible given that he would seem to need to pick one of my US/Canada shipping options?

ANSWER: Hello Frank,

My first concern is that as a new seller you have been targeted for a scam.

You will need to add the international shipping to your listing so that the international customer is charged correctly.

Go to the listing page
Click REVISE on the top left
Go down to the shipping section
If you do not see a section for international, click ADD OR REMOVE OPTIONS
Add international shipping
Exclude any countries you are not comfortable shipping to
Put the item in a box, weigh it, and enter the total weight of the package
This video explains how to add the international shipping

My recommendation is that you NOT ship this item out of the country. You are new and a target for scams. A buyer can open a paypal claim against you and get his money back for any reason. Also, he can claimsthe item does not work and return it, but switch out what he is returning to you. (Such as you sold him an iphone, he receives it, opens a claim that it doesn't work, and returns you a different iphone that is junk and you can't sell, or that has been stripped down.)

There are many scams running on eBay that target new sellers and high dollar items. Please be careful!

If you have further questions, please come to my Facebook group and ask more questions.


Suzanne Wells

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Suzanne,

Thank-you very much for your expert advice, and the time you took to offer it.

My auction has ended, and as you suggested, I specifically blocked selling to Asia since a number of people had contacted me from there wanting to circumvent the eBay shipping system.

The item has sold for $760. After a day, I was contacted by the buyer who states that they purchased it for a friend in Vietnam, and asked if I could ship it there. I politely explained that I needed to ship to either a US or Canadian address as stipulated in the shipping options. He has now replied asking for the package size and weight so that he could arrange for FedEx to pick-up the item. The buyer's home address appears to be in Germany. I am totally uncomfortable with this situation, but being a first time seller don't know if it's the norm. I have read just that there is very little protection for sellers from unscrupulous buyers who turn around and claim that they received an empty box or damaged goods.

I operate a business, the only way I would feel comfortable shipping this item would be if I were to take they buyers credit card info directly and avoid the much described PayPal scams. Am I off the mark here? Any follow-up suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The buyer has not yet paid the auction and it's going on three days since it ended, but I am happy to proceed slowly and with caution.


Honestly, I would recommend canceling the sale and selling the item locally on Craigslist or your local classifieds where you can meet the buyer face to face. The item in question, along with your newbie status on eBay is attracting problematic buyers. I guarantee you will be hamstringed in this arrangement and taken advantage of.

I suggest you sell items with $100 or lower value on eBay until you have established at least 100 feedbacks and been selling for over 6 months. Crooks troll eBay looking for new and inexperienced sellers to take advantage of. It is a common occurrence.

Here are the instructions on canceling a transaction:

Good luck!

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