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QUESTION: Hello Danna

I have uploaded my first listing on Ebay at
It can also be found by searching for 'Sarracenia' on
Does it read well and do you have any suggestions?
I am not sure if I am able to put links to my website on the listing? Is that possible in my case? I listed the address without any links.

It looks like there is a recurring fee to pay for the listing. I am not sure if there are other options to make this more economical. When I listed the item the fee was about $2. From what I saw at ,  it is not clear if I have to pay a fee. I received an email saying:
"You've set up a recurring payment to automatically pay your eBay seller fees with your PayPal account. Please read and review the PayPal Recurring Payments and Billing Agreement for more information".

My listing also lists a bidding option. However, most other listings for similar products do not so I am not sure if it is best to remove that.

If you prefer, I could ask you the last questions on a separate post.

Regards Richard.

ANSWER: Hello and cheers form Florida USA!

I just took a look at your listing and first off, GREAT JOB on the photos! What an interesting item you have for sure!

The title, I suggest leaving out the (.) because there is no need to use a period symbol which would then free up space for more keywords if they will fit. Take advantage of all the characters ebay allows using keywords.  Such as: Cherry top, venus flytrap, fly trap, spring, seeds and so on.  I don't see anyone searching for the word "option" so that would free up space for more important words as well.  

List your item like a shopper. aka "think like a buyer" what kind of words would people use to type in search for this sort of item?  Using this strategy will help you with keywords in the title.  

The title is not to be a description. It is to load with important words so people can find your item. There is a description box for the description!

Okay the billing thing .. that is because you have it as 30 day, good till cancelled and this means that every 30 days ebay will auto list it for you and you will be charged the standard listing fee.  This makes it easier for you to relist it yourself. Either way you would pay a listing fee, if ebay lists it or you do it would be the same so not a big deal just a convenience thing.

To save money on this listing in the future, you do not need to use a subtitle.  I only recommend those on special listings because they are not searchable.  In my opinion they are only good for standing out to the category shoppers not for the searches.

Hope this info helps and wishing you all the best for selling success,

Danna Crawford

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QUESTION: Hello Danna

Thanks for the reply. Sorry not to reply sooner.

Removing the subtitle certainly saves a lot of money by the looks of it. I made some changes including that. I thought it would be best not to use keywords like fly trap because on other listings I am going to sell Venus Fly Traps where I will use those words. I also looked at keywords used by other sellers for a similar item and the only extra one I could see was “trumpet” so I added that to the title. Therefore, I thought it would be best to leave the full stops in the title as it is made up of a few short phrases and be easier for the reader to read. I think my updated title does not need any more keywords. I took the word “option” out of the title but left it in the description. I idea of putting the word “option” in the title originally was to let people know that there are cheaper options available straight away. Otherwise they may see the price and not look any further at my listings. Based on what I said just above, do you still think it is best to leave that work out of the title. Below is my updated title at the new listing at
Carnivorous Plant. Sarracenia Trumpet Pitcher Plant. Self Watering. Easy Care.
Is that a good title?

I have a few other questions below but could post them to you on a new post if you want.

Someone bought my plant. After I was informed of that in an email from Ebay, my ebay page changed and indicated that the item had been sold. Because I have a number of identical plants I had to relist it. This means there is a period between when an item sells and when I relist that I will not have the item listed for sale on Ebay. To avoid this problem and having to relist every time I made a sale I changed my listing to list multiple items. However, I received a message saying the below:

“Listing multiple items
You will need to open an eBay Store, be a PowerSeller or registered as a business seller to be able to list multiple items in one listing. Read more about”

Is there any disadvantages for me in setting up an ebay store and does it cost extra? Bear in mind I have only one item listed so far. However, I plan to upload similar items and may have about 20 soon. For example, I have the same plant in a larger pot and could list it as an almost identical listing but just change the pot size and photo. I also have a number of other Sarracenia trumpet pitcher plant hybrids that are in two size pots. The information on these listings would be identical apart from the hybrid name and photos.

On the new listing I also selected a fixed price option which removes the bidding option. I am not sure if having a bidding option is much of an advantage because it would not be very viable for me to sell for much less than I listed the item. I am not sure about setting up a reserve price which I would not want to be much less than the buy it now price anyway. Also, I notice that most listings for these plants do not have a bidding option. They only list the buy it now price. Would that be the best option for me?

What I did change for my listing this time is I selected the option of
“Allow buyers to send you their best offers for your consideration.”
I thought this could be an idea as people could make an offer if they are not happy with the price. If I cannot sell enough items in a few weeks time, I could get back to these people and sell at the lower price. Is listing my item as a best offer option a good idea in my situation?

Also, when I listed my plant, Ebay gave me the option of saving a template. However, I could not find where to create a duplicate template and edit to change a couple of things but retain the original listing as is.  I clicked “manage templates” and then “duplicate” and then clicked on one of the templates in the list but it directed me to the page where to start up a new listing. When I added 5 words to describe the listing it took me to my listing with 2. EDIT YOUR LISTING in bold print right near the top of the page. I do not want to change the existing listing. Just create a new one based on the template. What is the easiest way to do this?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Your help is appreciated
Regards Richard.

ANSWER: YES your new title will work: Carnivorous Plant. Sarracenia Trumpet Pitcher Plant. Self Watering. Easy Care.

but for me personally I cannot imagine searching EASY CARE but if that is all you can think of then by all means use it!  No need for periods either as they take up space.

An ebay store has many advantages including bringing you more traffic so I do suggest it.

I like using best offer and use it most of the time but auctions are my fav choice. You can view my ebay store at: to gain a few ideas.

You cannot make a duplicate template within ebay. My favorite tool to use is Blackthorne Pro and there is a fee but I feel its the best for keeping track of listings.

Wishing you all the best for success,

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QUESTION: Hello Danna

Thanks for the reply.

For me to qualify for an Ebay store would I have to have many items listed first? I only have one so far but soon plan to upload more. I am not sure how many I have to have to have a store. Also, are there extra fees?

Where I was referring to duplicates, it looks like I may have created a duplicate as indicated from the table. I uploaded a screen shot at . I then deleted one of the duplicates. Perhaps I do not need to do this?  

I found out that the best and easiest way to create a very similar listing may be to go to the page with my listing after logging in and clicking on “sell a similar item” and then editing that with the minor changes and submitting. Is that the best and easiest way to do it?

Your help is appreciated
Regards Richard.

Hello Richard, I just did a radio show last night about eBay stores and I think you will gain much information if you could tune into it through your computer speakers at:

Starting May 1 there are many advantages to an eBay store. Even if you have one or a few items.
Here is an article I wrote about the advantages of opening an eBay store:

Hope the info helps and good luck,

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