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Hello Russell

I have uploaded my first listing on Ebay at
It can also be found by searching for 'Sarracenia' on
Does it read well and do you have any suggestions?
I am not sure if I am able to put links to my website on the listing? Is that possible in my case? I listed the address without any links.

It looks like there is a recurring fee to pay for the listing. I am not sure if there are other options to make this more economical. When I listed the item the fee was about $2. From what I saw at ,  it is not clear if I have to pay a fee. I received an email saying:
"You've set up a recurring payment to automatically pay your eBay seller fees with your PayPal account. Please read and review the PayPal Recurring Payments and Billing Agreement for more information".

My listing also lists a bidding option. However, most other listings for similar products do not so I am not sure if it is best to remove that.

If you prefer, I could ask you the last questions on a separate post.

Regards Richard.

Your listing is fine just the way it is. The recurring charge just mean that ever month, they will ether charge your credit/debit card, or you will have to pay once a month for your ebay fees. You usually pay your total fees in a month, you will get an invoice. If you didn't set it up via automatic payment, then you will have to pay your dues at the end of the month. Since you set up recurring payments, you will be charged once a month, not ever auction. Its fine if your auction list the bidding auction, its personal preference. The only thing I would suggest, is start the auction bid lower if you have a buy it now. The reason I say this is because their is no advantage for the buyer to bid on it, if they can buy it now for $14. Now lets say you had the item starting bid at 10 dollars and buy it now was 25 dollars, just an example, I would have more incentive to bid on it. I also believe the buy it now feature, cost a little extra.  

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