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Hi, I am interested in opening a shop with Etsy! I have not yet started due to my sewing machine needing repair (I will have it fixed this month). However, I would like to be in the know regarding . . . how to do this (laugh)! Please tell me the "don't"s and the "do"s and everything that a beginner with online businesses like me would need to know! I'm going to be making custom made bags, so I already have a "catalogue" -if you will, and a "order of business operations" guide/rules prepared. I just want to know if there are any particulars that I'm unaware of and such! Please help! :)


Etsy is a good place to start selling. The community is friendly and it is easy to get started. You set up your store and decide which type of payments you wish to take. You can sell either finished items you have handmade or take orders for custom items or both. You set your prices and post them in your store. What I have found helpful is to join groups and communities within Etsy. Treasuries are featured listing of item from different vendors which help promote. Many of the members use Pinterest to promote their items, I have not yet figured out Pinterest. I do use Facebook in my store promotions. It takes a while to get started, but it builds up to a nice market once you get things going.

I sell on Ebay, Etsy, and Bonanza. I sell vintage items. I have found the Etsy is the easies place to sell on and the profits are good, the fees are low. Ebay has more exposure and you sell more items, however, the fees are ridiculous and you end up with less profit than on Etsy. Ebay is not a friendly place to sell and Etsy is. Bonanza is easy and free, but the volume is not there I might sell 3 items in a year.

I think Etsy will be good for you and you can start setting your store up as soon as you wish and start with made to order until you have a few items to list. Show a picture of the pattern and let your customers know how long it will take before they can expect their product and how you will ship it. What shipping cost is or if you are shipping free in which case you need to add the cost to your item price.

There is a section on the Etsy site that has the do's and don'ts in it.

You just basically click on to and click sell in the right hand corner.

There is a seller handbook with tips on how to promote your store, also on the right hand side the menu has the information for selling on Etsy, what you can and cannot sell, the fees, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other helpful hints.

What I did when I started was go in and look at other stores to see how they were set up, especially those with similar items.  We sell vintage on BandSbargains on Etsy.

The main 3 items are 1. Handmade by you or someone in your shop 2. Vintage over 20 years old 3. Supplies to make handmade items Those are the only items allowed to sell on Etsy.


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I have experience with Ebay, Etsy and Bonanza. I can also answer some questions on RubyLane and Ecrater. I know a little about running an ecommerce site off Ebay and the google adwords although I no longer have my ecommerce site due to time constraints. We are powersellers on Ebay and have been for a few years. We know most all the rules and regulations. What I can help with is how to write the descriptions to sell the product. What should be there and what should not. How to research the product to find the right prices. Communication and it's importance before and after the sale. I do know about sales tax how to set up an account, collect and pay also how to set up an EIN business account. I am working on becoming familiar with the new 1099K and how it works. We deal with collectible tins, so can answer most questions about collectibles, especially older tins, (tobacco, condom, powder, coffee) also some newer ones (cookies, candy, trucks, trains, toys, food tins). Just basically old collectible stuff. I can answer questions on how to package and ship the various items. I am not a tax expert so do not ask about your Schedule C forms, I pay someone to do that. Since I have been 30 years in Payroll and Human Resources I have some experience with numbers and with people. It has helped me with running our Ebay venture over the years. I'll do my best to either answer your question or find the answer for you and if I cannot I will let you know.


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