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When buying used items, for example on eBay, how do I ensure that I am buying something that is in good faith. For example, how do I check to ensure that the used item being sold is not stolen and seller has title. Interested in buying a used video camera but, would like to know how to ensure that what I am buying belong to the owner and is not stolen.
The other question I have is to find out, how do I register personal items after buying them to be able to prove that I bought x or y item.
What are the different ways of registering an item?

The main fact of the whole thing is that you don't have any idea if the item is a) legal or b) even in the condition advertised. This is due to the fact that most of the sellers you seeon Ebay are individual 'mom and pop' sellers, working out of their home and NOT professional corporations selling retail or wholesale.  

So, how do you protect yourself? First and foremost, contact the seller. (Do this before you bid!) Ask about condition, ask if the item is 'registerable'.  (Many electronic items cannot be re-registered, or have the warranty transferred.)  Always ask if this is important.  Also ask about condition, and ask for proof (photos) if necessary.  Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if the sale seems questionable, walk away. Don't bid.  Don't buy.  

Now, that said, it might be a good time to do some reading up on the Ebay protection policies and what all you must do to protect yourself in the case of a bad purchase.  

I hope this helps.  

Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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